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AR Fashion & Art that creates your digital identity while redefining reality.

AR Fashion

Nowadays the AR Fashions are growing exponentially. Virtual Try-On feature is for anyone who is interested in exploring new ways of expressing themselves through fashion and technology.


NFTs and fashion are related in the sense that NFTs can be used to represent and authenticate digital fashion items, such as virtual clothing, accessories, or even entire digital outfits.

NFT Fashion Project

We are ready to support those fashion startups who want to develop a combination of 3D modeling, Virtual Try-on and build an NFT marketplace for their collection.


AR technology has already taken root in many industries. One of them is fashion. Clothing, beauty, and retail brands have long been leveraging AR solutions to attract customers and boost sales.

According to recent estimates, the number of mobile augmented reality (AR) users worldwide will reach 1.7 billion by 2024 – a huge rise from 200 million in 2015. Businesses are well aware of the trend and eager to enhance user experience with virtual overlays.

One area within e-commerce where AR has already proved its efficiency is the apparel, fashion, and luxury industry (AF&L). Cutting-edge solutions have been driving customer engagement and boosting sales for luxury brands and are bound to go mainstream in the near future.

Dream Team

We are NFTAG! A London-based phygital fashion agency, and we’re dedicated to the transformation of the fashion industry through the use of AR and NFTs. Our team is deeply passionate about the potential impact of these technologies on the future of fashion.


Web3 Developer


AR fashion expert


3D designer


Graphic Designer


3D fashion expert

How We Work


First we digitize your dreamed up or existing garments to get unlimited possibilities using industry-standard softwares.

Extend to AR

Then we create an interactive AR model that you and your customers can virtually try on in any social media or webshops.

Move to Web3

Web3 is the place where you can sell your fashion NFTs and  use it interactively in any metaverse in the future.

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Our hours

10:00 AM – 22.00 PM
Monday – Sunday

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London, UK
Budapest, HU

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Phone: 00447425999755
Email: info@nftag.co.uk