Education driven and AR enabled smart NFT certificated fashion T-shirts   

When fashion meets technology can open a new era in web connected wearables. Our nfc powered smart fashion products brings educational and functional features to the buyers. NFTAG’s team working on the world’s first AR enabled NFT collection that can be converted to real fashion wearables cards and metaverse assets.

With the unique properties of NFTs to produce an app that is simultaneously powerful and easy to use. After receiving T-shirts the user can customise and access through the pre-programed NFC tags with Educational content.

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Why choose our products?

  • Share data with NFC. It can be personal information,  phone number,  crypto address, referral code. etc.
  • Show NFT in a more meaningful way.  Your NFT comes into life with the Augmented reality camera software.
  • Use for marketing:  You can personalise your t-shirts and can pre-order  any custom data that can be used as a business card profile.
  • Access-locked educational content:  Each NFT grants access to Blockchain educational contents.
  • Impress your friends: The current technology is not widely used in T-shirts so we believe that you can impress your friends.




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