Our creative studio has grown from a small Hungarian start-up to an international company specialising in NFC and AR -powered NFT products serving an international customer base. Our aim is to bring blockchain technology easier to understand. On the other hand, we believe that this product gives an extra value for all crypto enthusiasts. Our development team is based in London and Budapest and we are working hard to create your wearables that are smarter, more personal and fashionable. The NFTAG smart features are built by a team of NFT- and crypto experts. Our 6-strong team consists of expert developers, advisors and designers, who are all passionate about AR, NFTs and the blockchains.

Peter V
Founder -NFT Expert

Gabor B
Crypto expert

Norbert P
3d Modelling Artist

3d Modelling Artist

Cristian L
Production - Hungary

Tamas M
Web 3 Developer

Gloria E
Production - England

Melinda Manunta
Fashion Advisor


Our mission is to promote the acceptance and use of blockchain and NFTs across all countries. Education is the most important part to understand the technology behind the blockchain. One of the best solutions is to attract and teach people about it in more engaging ways such as augmented reality and visualisation. We strongly believe that the currently available crypto fashion wearables have to be more practical than the basic function of wearing them. The idea came in 2019 when we wanted to utilise the one-touch web connection for marketing purposes and crypto t-shirts specially designed to share educational content. The problem was that the QR codes are not customizable after being printed on any surfaces, but NFC are programmable in a few easy steps. It was convenient to use in blockchain exhibitions. So we decided to enter the market first in 2020 and focus on the cryptocurrency users, where users easily shared referral links, crypto addresses and business informations.  In addition, we built a web app with various educational content and NFT visualisations. The first year was successful in the Hungarian market therefore our team developed and designed an education-driven unique NFT certificated fashion T-shirt collection that are competitive and innovative on the international market too.   

Further Developments

We believe that wearing a NFC T-shirt can be fun for the user. Our team works on many web applications that can be used for daily social interactions, sharing marketing or medical details about the user. Our plan is to start with a Soundcloud and crypto news service for fans. Later this year we are also planning to add QR code technology to all our products. All products are fully customisable by the free NFC writer software that is included in the package.




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