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About the Book

Analyzing and exploring blockchains are always interesting, but for the more abstract thinker, we collect several visualizations that provide unique looks at the network, nodes, and transaction data in an easy to understand manner. Some of these even border on the psychedelic or sci-fi otherworldly, taking viewers on a virtual trip through the blockchain.

Many people only refer to blockchain as the key technology behind Bitcoin. Others describe it as a new network that helps decentralize trade, and allow more peer-to-peer transactions. However, the main problem is that only few people understand those words and how to visualise them in a meaningful way. Our team has been challenged to write an easy to understand book where everyone can understand the main principle of blockchain.


Why is it important? 


Blockchain is considered as a major emerging technology that is having an ever-increasing spread both in industrial and academic contexts. As the usage of blockchain keeps increasing, a fourth generation of blockchain platforms is being proposed. Thus, applications of blockchain have evolved towards wider scopes than cryptocurrency and asset management. With the following E-book we are trying to answer the question: What blockchain technology looks like and how it works in real time.  We believe that this is important to understand for those who are daily users or crypto investors. As a result, we selected different blockchain ecosystems to analyse based on using visual 3D tools, diagrams and animations in an interactive way. The findings can help readers understand the main assessment factors that underpin blockchain implementations.

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